Wi-Fi в отеле


Attention! You need to pay only after booking confirmation from the hotel with № and date of your booking.

  • Payment by a credit card
  • Payment by bank transfer
  • Payment by cash through Sberbank Russia

For the guaranteed booking you need to make a one-day’s prepayment.
Ways for prepayment:

1. through Sberbank – to pay the bill by cash. You can print the hotel bill with bank details from the hotel’s site. Don’t forget to save a receipt for payment with you at check-in time.
An example of a completed Sberbank receipt for individuals

2. Through the company’s current account by a payment order. The example of a payment order with bank details you can print from the hotel’s site. At check-in time you need to have a payment order with you. The payment documents are executed on the day of arrival (the act and the original invoice are sent in the writing form to the company’s mailing address by the account department). The example of a payment order

3. You can make a prepayment by the credit card at the hotel’s site.
Payment by a credit card

4. The payment by cash to the hotel’s cash department is available. In this case the bill and the cash voucher are written out.

Unsecured booking (without prepayment)

In case of unsecured booking the hotel reserves the right to cancel your reservation unilaterally having informed you in the writing form beforehand.